Profit-Donation Capitalism
A New Kind of Free-Market Capitalism that Empowers us as Consumers to, at No Personal Cost,
Fund a Better World Through our Product Purchases

Let's build an expansive global network of profit-donating businesses that sell us products, and donate 100% of their profits to the common good. 



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Learn about Profit-Donation Capitalism through our FAQs

Discover over a dozen thriving businesses that donate one hundred percent of their profit various causes and charities

Help promote Profit-Donation Capitalism as a  more compassionate and intelligent  free-market economic system

Learn how Climate Rescue Capitalism can help fund the fight against climate change

Read a Celebrity Buy Aid  proposal describing how product labels can help end global poverty





This site is authored by George Ortega, a quality-of -life researcher, and producer and host of The Happiness Show and Exploring the Illusion of Free Will.